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I like to have plenty of tools at hand when I am working on a project, or more correctly when I am working... because mostly I have a few projects on the go at a time, in different places in my studio.

I like to have tools I need at each station.

I have lots of extras, of things like spatulas that I use for glue whether it is mastic, or thinset.

Here's some new spatulas I just got in, and only a couple of dollars each you can afford to get a couple extra. Here's a link to the tools in the Tess-Array store- you'll find these spatulas there.

I always use two spatulas at the end of a gluing or grouting session to clean up. One spatula cleans the other. Give each a good scrape to get all the thinset or mastic off. I stand over my rubbish bag, and give them a good clean off so they are ready to use next time I have the urge to glue something to something.

KarenLBaker. 15/12/2018 :)

Vibrant Glass Tiles

I ordered these great Vibrant Glass Tiles. Yep 90 boxes of tiles. Every mosaic artist's dream to have a stash of material arrive. It was a delight opening the boxes looking at the wonderful colours. I just wish it had been hassle free. For a first importing exercise, it was exhausting and some months later, I still don't have all the colours I ordered. I do hope that will be rectified sooner rather than later. We shall see. So I was generously given extra area in our shed, and shelf units, to unpack and display my lovely shipment of tiles. This so far is the colour palette.

There hopefully will be 17 more to come.

This is the information about the tiles :

Smalto glass tiles 15mmx15mm sold in 100 sheet lots 10x10 tiles.

Approx 190gms weight for postage. Great range of vibrant colours, plus an array of neutrals perfect for skin in portraits. Only 4mm thick and cut easily with wheeled nippers, into 16 pieces if you are doing micro-mosaics or jewellery. Great small size for working whole with kids or arty elders. All colours: AU$4.50 each 10x10 sheet.

Use indoor or out!

copy and  paste this link direct to the shop to look at and buy these tiles..


This is a link direct to my online shop: 

The name of the store is a play on the word tesserae, small pieces used to create mosaics. My store sells an array of materials, so it is called Tess-Array!!!! :)



1st International Urban Mosaic Intervention 2014 Santiago Chile.

16 Jan 2014

Copy and paste this link for the first bit of press I have seen about the Mosaic Project. It is a mention and photos.....

Here's a billboard too.....


 Pretty Exciting to be in Santiago. Flying in over the Andes Mountains is something I will never forget. Majestic! The city is surrounded by mountains, and no photo I have taken so far even comes close to indicating how huge they really are. There is a lot of smoke around at the moment from fires and so things are a little murky..... :(

 I am surrounded by mosaic artists from all over the world, and am a part of this project and still every day I have to pinch myself. How did I get here, how could I be so lucky? Is it real?

My partner made it all happen for me, and for that I will always be grateful. His support for me to follow my dreams will always be remembered. Marcela has opened her home to me, and made me very welcome and oreinted to Santiago. Isidora has been my Idol since I saw the first mosaics being produced. Being accepted to be a part of this first project is just very special for me. Thank you again Glenn, Marcela and Isidora.





Chile 2014

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It's official. Dreams do come true. I've been selected as one in a group of 60 artists who will travel to Santiago Chile and work on a collaborative mosaic project under the guidance and instruction of Isidora Paz Lopez. I have been watching Isidora's wonderful mosaics come into being- both murals and pillars in the Puente Alto Metro, in Santiago. Now I will get to see them in person, and help create some nearby. It is very exciting news.!! She is showcasing Chile, its people, its artists, its flora and fauna, and I see so much to be excited about.!!!!

Also I get to finally meet a long time "online" friend Marcela, who is a talented mosaic artist, and she is generously having me stay with her while I am in Chile. It will be wonderful to meet her at the airport and even though we will have language issues, because whilst her English is great, my Spanish is non-existent....we are sure there will be much laughter!

Here are the list of artists in this project.