MosaicArt by KarenBaker

Get the WOW Factor for your Garden spaces, and the walls of your Home.

Sculpture: "The Present"

"The Present" was created from fibreglass mesh and cement, glass tile, 24K Italian Gold tile, gold glass tile, freshwater pearls and gold beads. Firstly I created a box without a bottom from fibreglass mesh, adding layers of cement building it to a box looking shape. I then tiled with white glass tile and grouted. Then I handformed the ribbon and covered it with all things gold. Yep there's 24K Italian Gold Tile, there's gold waterglass, gold glass and gold freshwater pearls. It sits on a stand with small legs.

 I created it to enter into a themed Art show- "Time" 

"The Present is all you really have. It is a moment in time that is a gift. Being in the past is reliving what has gone before, and the future is not promised. It is wise to be present and live the moments and share all that is precious in those moments. I made this sculpture to be seen as a reminder of being connected to the now time... the present, and suggest it could be used by people to leave love notes under...... Maybe you will be leaving a note.... maybe you will be finding one......"

Sculptures:- Garden Genie Bottle

This Garden Genie Bottle was made especially to "sit" in a garden as a feature and to house the "Garden Genie" who visits, and who fills the birdbaths, weeds the beds, orchestrates birdsong, and plants red flowers. Where does YOUR Garden Genie live????

Imagine this inYOUR garden.......... 

This sculpture is SOLD but challenge me to make you something as desirable. I love to design and create out of the ordinary mosaics to suit your garden. This is mainly glass, but I can use ceramic, stone, precious stones.... I create/design and maintain gardens for a living, so I have an eye for what sculptures work in gardens and where.

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Sculptures:- The BIG Yellow Flower


The BIG yellow flower is first of many BIG flowers of its type. This would work best in a mainly foliage garden as a feature sculpture in a group of 3 or 5, and great near a pond........


 Be the first to get your hands on this unique flower Copyright KarenBaker2011.



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Sculptures:- The Blobbies.


Inspiration:I love creating fun sculptures to add interest to gardens. These are inspired by my love of the ocean and corals, and my wish to bring all from the sea out onto the land. ..... this is the first of many.  These look great nestled in a garden bed amongst plants.


Sculptures:- Cellular - DNA


I was commissioned to produce a garden sculpture to inhabit this rusty frame in Jane's garden. She loves it!!!!





Sculptures: "Reincarnation".


Inspiration: An opportunity to bring a damaged terracotta garden piece into a new way of being. I fixed damage, then coated it with joy and colour ready to find a home in your garden.

Sculptures:-Pet memorial



Jane's beloved Boo Boo passed away and I wanted to make her a little gift memorial to place in her garden to see as she walked around it. Jane's garden is lovely and Boo Boo has been a part of it, but as it is with life, all waggily tail dogs unfortunately have their day too. Jane was grateful for the thought and this is now nestled in a garden bed. News is that Jane's heart was ready for some more doggie love, and a chocolate Labrador called Blaze wiggled his way in there. :)