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Get the WOW Factor for your Garden spaces, and the walls of your Home.

Wall Art

My Wall Art is suitable for the walls of your home, or for the walls of your garden, or to be hung on fences or posts. Each uses materials specific for its intended application. Indoor Art cannot be used outside, but outdoor art can be used inside as well as out.

More Wall Art being added, come back and visit again. Please contact me at mosaicartbykarenbaker@hotmail for full inventory of my Art for sale.

"Seam 1" and "Seam"

Images to come- Chrysoprase mosaics works in progress July 2017


"Nodules" by Karen Baker.

This piece of wall art was inspired by my experiences when mining gemstones in Western Australia. When the backhoe is working away, scraping back ground, sometimes you get a first glimpse at what lies beneath, sometimes it is a seam being uncovered, veins of material you are looking for, or nodules of gemstones. They are exciting moments.

This mosaic features some Western Australian mined Chrysoprase, some rough Peridot and some Bush Gravel. Other material is Vibrant Glass Tiles.  Size is : 30x45cms 


"Night Sky"


"Night Sky"- inspired by a night by the campfire,gazing at the sky and satellite spotting.

Materials: Jasper beads, porcelain tile, pyrite blobbies, thinset.

21x31cms, framed.


Bush Tracks

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"Bush Tracks" inspired by my first visit to the bush mining Mookaite, and walking on the red earth tracks out of camp in the Kennedy Ranges wondering who had walked these tracks before me. 31x15cms framed, Mookaite, contorni, Ironstone Gravel.

Wall Art:- "Rainy Days".


Materials used:- glass tile, stained glass, porcelain, tempered glass, millefiori, polymer clay, Smalti blobs, crockery shards, and beads. Each material works differently in this piece and has a wonderful texture and dimension.

Inspiration: This girl is a enjoying being in the sea while it is raining. I experienced this many times in my childhood afternoons swimming in the ocean in Papua New Guinea. The coolness of the water, the heat of the air, and the large drops of water is such a vivid sensory recollection of JOY!.  

This mosaic is bordered with blue glass tiles but unframed, on MDF board, fitted with hangers, and is suitable ONLY for indoors.


######This mosaic was entered into The York Art and Craft Awards 2016 and received a Highly Commended in the Category of Mosaics. 

The judges liked the use of different materials used to represent the water and its movement. #####


Wall Art:- "Forever Lilium".


Materials used: stained glass, mirror, glass gems, millefiori, beads on fibrecement board.Unframed.

Inspiration:  This lilium bulb was purchased, I tended it and watched it grow into its fullness and flower. I photographed it and then made this mosaic of it.It took me forever to select suitable glass, forever to make it and finish it, so I called it Forever Lilium.

This mosaic is on fibrecement board  and is suitable for outdoors or indoors.  Outdoors it would reflect its surroundings beautifully. I particularly like using glass for outdoor mosaics.

Wall Art:- "Heart of Stone".



Materials:stained glass, rock, beads, glass beads.

Suitability: this mosaic suitable for indoor only.

Inspiration: This mosaic came into being as a commentary on a relationship. My experience showed me that there are some people who just do not feel, and who surprise you by just being so absent and cold, and then when you shine a little light further onto them you feel they must be made of stone.


Wall Art:- "Where are my people?".



Materials used: red coral, marble, mirror, ball-chain and Italian Millefiori on MDF, framed Ready to hang.




Wall Art:- "Connections"


Size: 36x45cms framed on fibrecement board.

Materials used: Glass tile, Stained glass, Murano Millefiori, unglazed porcelain tile, Eco Smalti.


 Inspiration: this mosaic depicts the relationships I have with people and show the fact they are connected to me forever. Some relationships like the one illustrated in red was a significant one that saved my life and helped me to regain a self, others show my heart connecting with others because of kindness they have showed me, or time they have taken to assist me, or just smile at me as they walk down the street.

p.s.(Interestingly I just heard about a cultural belief that people come into the world with invisible red strands around their ankles connected to all those souls they will be involved with in their lifetime. This resonated with me. What a concept. I love it. I feel another mosaic on the way.... ) 



Wall Art:- "Sometimes I colour between the lines".



Size: 28x28cms framed, (11x11inches) Materials used: Glass tile, Mexican Smalti, Murano Millefiori.


Freight or postage: Calculated for destination address.  Email: mosaicartbykarenbaker@hotmail, and quote 201115. Will freight WorldWide.

Wall Art:- "Ruby the Redback".

  Size: 30cm x 45cm or approx (12 x18 inches) on MDF.
Materials used: Polystyrene spider body base, red lampwork bead, Murano Millefiore, ball chain, tempered glass, bronze metallic look ceramic tile border, marble, stone, vitreous glass tile, small glass balls.


Email: mosaicartbykarenbaker@hotmail